Paul's Vocal Academy

Singing Teacher & Vocal Coach


First Lesson

Your first lesson will last for 60 minutes. This allows me time to assess where you are with your voice, to find out your vocal range, talk about your goals, are you looking to go into musical theatre, become a pop star or just want to learn for pleasure? I can then adapt future lessons around what I find from this first lesson. I believe in instilling the basics of posture and breathing into my lessons from day one and focus on this each lesson so that it becomes second nature to you and from then on all other aspects of the voice can be worked on with more efficiency. After this first lesson you can then decide to go to 30 minute lessons weekly or continue with 60 minute lesson to work more on your voice.

Professional Private Lessons

Even if you have trained before there is always something new that you can learn about your voice. We will deal with eliminating the breaks between registers. Working on Girl’s Middle range and Boys work on their Zona di Pasaggio and falsetto and head register. We will also work on developing vocal range and flexibility. We will work on learning to deal with heavy demands on the voice through heavy gigging or prepare you for any important auditions that you may have.

Group Lessons

Group Lessons can be arranged. These lessons must be of 60 minute duration. They will cover the basics of technique, breathing and posture, but they can be devised around the group needs. This way can also keep the cost down. See Fees for details


I will prepare you for exam grades in the areas of Pop, Musical Theatre and Rock. Higher level exams carry UCAS points which you can add to University applications.

I also work with children aged between the ages of 7 – 11 and I will start work with them on breathing and basic posture as this will help them develop as singers and as children.

Classes will also be fun working to help them improve their confidence, improve their expression, their diction and anything else we can work on.

Helping children to improve their confidence about singing

Helping them to prepare a song so they can perform it to the best of their abilities

Working on songs suitable for the age group

Working on character songs that help them learn to perform and have confidence

Improving diction so that lyrics are clear when sung

Preparing children for auditions

Preparing children for school productions

Also I work with teenagers. Singing whilst going through adolescents can be a tricky time. I will make sure they develop their voice depending on what stage their voice is at during this difficult time. Allowing them to continue singing without damaging their voices in the process.